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OMG Customer Services

Listening carefully to your customer’s needs?

With a managerial focus of customer relationship (CRM), we have extended experience in the design and implementation of customer services, ensuring a continuous channel of communication, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Business Process Optimization OMG BPO

Optimize and monetize routine business activities?

In the process of helping our clients to retain their customers, we develop a structured, analytical and permanent comparison system to continuously improve their processes.

OMG Technical Support

Immediate solution to your customer’s technical problems?

With our technical support service, we provide orientation to your customers regarding the performance of your products, as well as troubleshooting management including technical diagnostics and information management to solve the presented problems.

OMG Credit, Risk and Collection

Maximization of collection and risk reduction?

Maintaining low debt rates becomes a constant challenge for any company: we share this challenge and integrate it to our goals.

OMG Service Desk

Specialized assistance for your customers and suppliers?

User support is one of the business processes of IT departments that is gaining relevance as these departments have realized that they are service units and that as such, they must consider their users are customers.

OMG Telemarketing

Guaranteeing your company’s sales?

Telephone sales are an efficient method of establishing contact with prospects and closing sales of new or additional products for existing customers. You can increase your sales territory and reduce the costs of sales visits, while reaching …

OMG Loyalty Programs

Guaranteeing customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty?

Satisfied customers are your first and most valuable recommendation source. After investing so much effort to attain new customers, companies cannot let them switch to competitors; therefore it is important to generate emotional bonds between clients and brands by focusing on sustaining long lasting relationships.

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