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OMG Loyalty Programs

Satisfied customers are your first and most valuable recommendation source. After investing so much effort to attain new customers, companies cannot let them switch to competitors; therefore it is important to generate emotional bonds between clients and brands by focusing on sustaining long lasting relationships.

To increase loyalty, we can create simple rewards programs, based on the accumulation of points, as well as advanced plans for the adherence of medical treatments, with sequential strategies that will allow focusing on your customer´s emotional affinity when affiliating.

In the pharmaceutical industry, our experience allows us to assure our clients the following objectives:

  • Increase a patient´s adherence to treatment for chronic disease with the products of de program.
  • Increase patient access to treatment with special promotions.
  • Provide added value services for patients and doctors.
  • Offer pharmacy chains a win- win relationship through a simple process.

Some activities included in loyalty programs are:

  • Subscription to rewards programs
  • Submission of codes, reward redeeming approvals
  • Contact with patients, pharmacies and doctors
  • Scheduling of medical appointments and reminders
  • Scheduling of nutritional appointments
  • Delivery of kits
  • Coordination of workshops for chronic diseases
  • Invitation and RSVP to events.

At Outsourcing Marketing Group we specialize in developing business strategies to generate long term relations with your high value customers, establishing bonds that will benefit both parties.

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