Outsourcing Marketing Group

About Us

Who are we and why do we succeed?

Our differentiating value is that we help our clients with total integrity, to increase their customers´ loyalty by establishing alliances to strengthen the relationship with their direct customers based on clear strategies and effectively managing each interaction. We develop services that will allow brands to connect online with different audiences. This is the key of the work executed by Outsourcing Marketing Group, one of the largest regional customer service, BPO and CRM companies.

Customer Service




We have presence in Latin America and USA, and have the responsibility of providing service to hundreds of people each year. We represent leading companies of different sectors (Mass consumptionon, Banking, Insurance, Pharmaceuticals among others).

As our client’s business partners, we offer our top of the line technology and staff with extended experience in the design and management of processes, to ensure the required interactions.

Trustworthy and strategic

We are also a trustworthy and strategic provider of Contact Center services. Since our company´s beginnings, we have obtained the Concession of the National Authority of Public Services (ASEP) to provide call center services for commercial use, which allows our customers to benefit.

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